Gano Opportunity



Being a member of Gano Excel can bring you many benefits whether you are just an ordinary consumer, or a consumer who wants to become a business builder through Gano Excel. Either way, you are tapping into great opportunities offered by Gano Excel while being able to enjoy the health benefits of Ganoderma.

Becoming a member of Gano Excel's network can bring many benefits:

Discounts on all the products Award points earned for free products Raffle Opportunity. Find out more!

Consider This:

Gano Excel's Marketing Plan can be seen in three different perspecitives. You may fall into either one or two and may even change in the future.

1. Ordinary Consumer

You become a member simply to purchase the products at members price. Every month, you enjoy a small amount of bonuses that arise from your own purchases. Occasionaly, you might recommend the products to friends and make a small amount of profit by selling at the retail price.

2. Ordinary Consumer + Side Income

After taking Gano Excel' products and benefiting from them, you begin to introduce the products to family and friends. You buy and sell more, thus gaining more bonuses. Some of your relatives and friends may even sign-up as members under you and your network expands over time. Your bonus income gradually rises.

3. Ordinary Consumer + Business Builder

Some of you may wish to see Gano Excel's Marketing Plan as a Business. In this case, you will discover the Financial benefits of Gano Excel's products and begin to introduce them to family and friends effectively & enthusiastically. You consistently sign-up new members under you and others under you, as well as you spend time building your network. You will learn the marketing plan in detail and discover how to fully tap into its potential to generate good monthly income.

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