About Us

Gano Excel International is a rapid growing network marketing company that has been established since 1995. With the world largest organic ganoderma (lingzhi) plantation, internationally recognized Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) factory and an effective direct selling network in over 28 countries, we are a leading company in research, cultivation and production of innovative world class ganoderma nutritional products, beverages, and personal care product.

plantation ganoderma lucidum

Cultivation & Plantation

Founded in 1995, in the state of Kedah, Malaysia, Gano Excel International is the premier wellness company dedicated and committed to Ganoderma nutritional immunilogy.


A proper environment is essential in ensuring high quality Ganoderma production. Gano Excel™ owns the world's biggest Organic Ganoderma Plantation in the world which incorporates an environment friendly concept. The greenhouse maintains a sophisticated and modern technology , as proper cultivation methods and surroundings are essential in producing Ganoderma with high-therapeutic value.